Impulse Momentum and Energy Lab


The purpose of this lab was to use experimentation to verify that Newtons Second Law is correct and that impulse is equal to the change in momentum.

Equipment Used:

LabQuest Handheld Unit

Vernier Force Detector


Elastic Cable

Motion Detector

Pascal Cart & Track

Mass Units (500g)


First we set the Pascal cart on the track. Then after we connected the LabQuest to the motion detector and the Vernier Force Sensor, we applied a force to the cart to make it move towards the motion sensor. And then collected the data onto the LabQuest unit and plugged it into the computer for data analysis.

Data & Data Analysis



Using the data above, it can be concluded that our experiment was successful in determining that momentum is equal to Impulse. It also proves that to no surprise Newton’s Second Law is true. Some points of error include, human error, motion detector calibration, and how level the track was. These errors may have caused some inconstancies within the data points but altogether they were within reason.


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