Measurement Lab

In this measurement lab we measured the volume of a block of wood, a cylinder, and the classroom. We also determined the thickness of a piece of paper. We used a Vernier caliper to determine the length, width, and height of the block of wood and cylinder, and the thickness of the paper.  Then we used a meter stick to measure the length, width, and height of the classroom.  Once we calculated the volulme of the items using the LxWxH formula as well as the πr²h formula


Wood block: L:85.7 W:77.6  H:18.8

Formula: LxWxH

Volume: 125,026.16mm³

Tool:Vernier caliper


Cylinder: r:6mm  h:105.4

Formula: πr²h

Volume:  11,920.49mm³

Tool:Vernier caliper 

Classroom: L:1077cm W:815cm H:382

Formula LxWxH

Volume: 3,354,581,000 cm³

Tool: Meter Stick


Sources of error: The fact that all of the items measured are not 100% smooth and form fitting, makes our calculations slightly different than what a perfect block, cylinder, or classroom is.



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