Car Crash Investigation (Collision Expert)

My Presentation to the mayor:


After receiving the data from the Auto Expert, I was able to determine the initial velocity of the SUV before impact with the wagon. Using the equation,

(Initial Mass(SUV)Initial Velocity(SUV))+(Initial Mass(Wagon)×Initial Velocity(Wagon))


(Final Mass(SUV)×Final Velocity(SUV))+(Final Mass(Wagon)×Final Velocity(Wagon))

After these calculations I found that the SUV was traveling 10.83 m/s or 39 km/hr. It is with this data that I conclude that from this inelastic collision I can prove that the driver of the SUV was in fact going over the predetermined speed limit. My data is below




One thought on “Car Crash Investigation (Collision Expert)

  1. Nice job; the illustrations in the powerpoint are great! I could not find your Newton’s Laws lab. Were you absent during that lab? If so, I can give you a make-up lab. Just let me know.

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