CSI Physics: Gangster Shooting Forensics Lab

After much review and several very complicated math and physics equations, my professional conclusion is that Janice Jackson shot Leafbottom with a .38 Special.Through much examination and help from the doctors ,we found the appropriate measurements to make it possible to prove who is guilty. First using the physics formula Yf=.5(a)(t^2) I determined that the time it took for the bullet to travel from the exit wound was approximately .3355s. Then using the distance given to me from the doctor and the police officers, I used the distance over time formula to solve for the velocity of the bullet. This happened to by approximately 90 m/s, which coincides EXACTLY with the muzzle velocity after impact of the .38 Special that Janice Jackson shot Leafbottom with. The math is flawless (see below) and the evidence speaks for itself, the shooter was Janice Jackson.IMG_2355-1


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